Raising Leaders


Employee satisfaction up by 30%

The next top management appointed fully internally

Very high employee retention rate

Cultivating high-potential employees

This project was conducted with a Dutch consulting company that in the past years went through a period of rapid growth. The challenge was to raise the next generation of leaders who would have a strong grasp of the service as well as the ability to face the customer, create added value and continue the steady business growth.

The assignment for Develop2Create was to guide high-potential employees in the cultivation of important leadership skills, such as strategic thinking, communication, and creative problem-solving. The goal was to create a generation of leaders who feel empowered in their strongest capabilities and feel alignment between personal goals and goals of the business.

Employee retention and steady base for growth

After six 24-hour long sessions organized throughout the year, the company observed greater collaboration between its executive board and upcoming lead employees, greater personal involvement, higher customer retention and steady ground for the fast company growth.

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