Interim Management Engineering


From break-even to profitable business

Department staff doubled year-on-year

Cost of a unit produced decreased by 40%

Coping with the growing demand

At the beginning of our assignment, our client was challenged with a new opportunity that required a fast scale-up of fibre optic network roll-out. For a successful delivery, it was essential to improve the internal engineering efficiency, formalize delivery processes, increase operational productivity and renew the ability to cope with large volumes of work in a short span of time.

To secure a steady ground for the fast business scale-up, we deployed an Interim Engineering Manager  responsible for introducing new operational processes using outsourced engineering capabilities, better performance management and optimized delivery planning.

Larger team and better efficiency

Under our supervision and management, the engineering team grew from 5 to 30 FTEs in 15 months, gaining the ability to adapt to a fast growth of the production and reduce the price per delivery unit, resulting in substantial growth in revenues and profit. The outsourced workload for engineering tripled to 20 FTE. The numbers of connected homes designed doubled year-on-year to 100K, while engineering costs per connection constantly decreased.

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