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To create value as an individual and as a company, sustainable for your clients, staff, suppliers and stockholders, but also for the generation to come.
We are participating in a global society where opportunities are to be seized. With Develop2create we focus on global opportunities and develop models for collaboration across borders and cultures


To links knowledge, expertise and people skills from over the world to your business goals.
Development and coaching of leaders to realize a new future for them self, their business and society.

We connect with you and your company with personal commitment to your business goals.
Our engagement is result driven, temporarily and decreasing at the end of our assignment. Our aim is to create results and enable you to carry on finding new ways after we have left.

Special attention is on sourcing issues for organizations and companies with a focus on your sourcing strategies. Meaning, what will I create with my own Human Resources (HR policy), what will be created by others (Outsourcing), and where in the world will that be (Offshoring).
 It is primarily a quality issue asking for balanced decisions, which requires leadership, also for the achievement of objectives in the short and long term.

It is about a clear vision, finding new ways, where development and change is key and starting step by steps, large and small, bringing results.

No Business Transformation without Personal Transformation or development .Therefore we link coaching for individuals and teams to global sourcing, targeting at leadership of change.

Global Sourcing

Develop2Create knows which of your company activities can be executed where in the world.

We are aware of the global knowledge and expertise and are used to switch between cultures and continents.

Develop2create advices and supports your company in the area of sourcing challenges, starting with your sourcing strategy, assessing what work can be executed where and identifying specific organisations who have the capabilities to execute the work.

To be successful in global sourcing a change of attitude is needed. A company has to be prepared and committed to change and make the necessary moves. Therefore Develop2create also offers coaching

for individuals and teams to global sourcing, targeting at leadership of change.

An overview of the services Develop2Create is offering:

Business consultancy

Management consultancy

Interim en Programma management

Coaching en advice for personal and team transformation

Business Study trips for inspiration

Management of sourcing issues.