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To link global resources, knowledge and know how to your business goals and purpose. To develop and coach leaders to create a new future for themselves, their business and society.


To create value for your environment, as an individual and as a company. It is important to create sustainable value for clients, employees, suppliers and shareholders, but also for the generations after us. We are part of a global society full of opportunities to pursue and realize. Develop2Create aims at building partnership based on the worldwide possibilities and develops cross boarder collaborations.


Han Wijns

Founder and Director of Develop2Create
Han has over 30 years of experience in a variety of positions within KPN. Both in professional jobs, as well as Change Management and General Management at Senior level.
He contributed to the development of a very innovative company in turbulent times.
Leadership, creativity and organizational changes aimed at better results, is what characterizes him.
The spirit of enterprise in the newly-created BV, give a new twist to his activities, however, he will always be characterized by: cooperation, development and the creation of results.
In network connection, and as associate he works together with experienced management consultants .
The entrepreneurship with Develop2Create and the positive feeback he received from his customers, inspired him to take the next step and extend the company with two associates.


Erik Bouwes Bavinck

Global Sourcing Consultant, Interim Manager and programma director
Erik is an experienced Client Service / Program Director strongly motivated to deliver tangible high quality result adding value to client and their business environment, using global sourcing and delivery models to link the wordwide available knowledge and people to your business goals.
Building on the experience at “both sides of the table”, he successfully participated in large sourcing Bid’s and managed sourcing contracts during their whole lifecycle, expanding the client relationship, winning new business, building trust based on excellent delivery performance, high client satisfaction and driving continuous improvements in an eco-system and complex global delivery environment.
Broad IT background including leading large and complex programs, head of Application Management/Application Development and Testing departments, architecture, process improvement and data centre management, introducing CMM, TMAP, metrics and other methodologies to improve the output. Business Process Outsourcing experience, setting up a Service Centre Claims Handling and delivering HR-BPO services.


Jeroen Muller

Jeroen Muller has been working as manager since 1997 and involved in various projects in the field of IT & Asset Management in the Telecom and Energy sector. From 2002 to 2015, he gained a lot of experience in setting up a local office for an Indian IT & Engineering service provider. During that period, he has realized several international projects, using a Global Delivery Model.

Jeroen is an enthusiastic and result-oriented professional with extensive experience at strategic, tactical and operational level. He is strongly focused on providing added value for customers. With his personality, he contributes to personal growth of people and organizations.


Han: +31 (0)6 53388778

Erik: + 31 (0)6 23058217


Locations De2C

Office: Adriaen Willaertstraat 18
5216 GS
s-Hertogenbosch / Den Bosch

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